You may be asking, what or who is a Fringe Curator?

  1. 1.
    not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.

To be Fringe is to be yourself, explore your boundaries and push yourself to create unique and captivating art. To celebrate your quirkiness and oddities, to dance to the beat of your own drum. To just be comfortably different.

My name is Teri Navajo, as an abstract and collage artist I'm not afraid to push the envelope and create beyond the conventional boundaries. My process is often painting with vibrant colors using my hands as my preferred tools leaving just the details for pen, pastels and brushes. I founded Fringe Creatives in 2015 officially although it was a dream of mine for, well, forever. In 2016 I attempted to take Fringe on full time and while I succeeded in being able to support a financially comfortable life through other people's art - I decided near the end of 2017 to scale things down just a bit.

I now work full time for a creative entrepreneur, an interior designer (Charlie Schiller Design). Working for Charlie as her assistant has been amazing so far, believe it or not - I hustle WAY less, I am learning lots of fun insider info in the world of interior design as well as having a fun and creative "job" that affords me the ability to create art for her clients as well as myself while I also curate local artwork for 8 locally owned/family operated businesses AND teach art classes at the Tampa Museum of Art.

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