So, maybe you have seen this bright red can floating around? It's contents contain the BEST cider ever brewed. I'm not just saying that because my little face is on the can, I am saying this because long before there ever was a Strawberry Teri, there was my favorite cider... Make Momma Proud and Ananas.

Guys... I am counting all of my lucky stars (twice) because throughout this journey, I got to become friends with the owner/brewer Todd of Slim Pickens, the brewery that makes my favorite adult drink. Then one day, he asked me about my passion - Fringe. One thing lead to another, I cried, I celebrated and then I selfied for this cover shot.

If you are not familiar with Slim Pickens, its a brewery that celebrates its fans and loyal cider drinkers by also sharing the amazing stories of creative people that you very well could encounter in your daily life. I am the face of One, Two - the strawberry cider. I am so proud and honored to be part of this amazing family.

If you pick up a can of my cider, you can read about my journey as an artist and my passion to create a beautiful and colorful arts community in my home town, Tampa Florida. This cider is distributed worldwide, so PLEASE! Email me or tag me when you find/try a can where ever you may be.

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