Fringe Creatives was founded due to the lacking art scene in the Tampa area... yes we have awesome artists and museums, great local breweries and businesses but we weren’t all connected. I started Fringe as a way to marry local artists and awesome locally owned businesses – offering free artwork (that is frequently rotated throughout the space) to small business owners by coordinating local artists to hang their work in these amazing and unique local treasures.

We currently host 8 permanent art shows at breweries, coffee shops and other local establishments and have a growing network of artists reaching nearly 200 members. My passion is, and always has been, to help others find their light. As an artist myself, it is my mission to create a thriving arts community for fellow creatives in the Tampa area. Last year, in 2017, Fringe Creatives showed over 2,000 pieces of local artwork and helped local artists find a place to shine and sell their work. Our average sales per show is 3 pieces of artwork.

As we keep evolving I hope to continue to meet more and more local creatives and business owners and bring them together; to create true community and to make Tampa a creative and colorful place.

Teri Navajo
Founder of Fringe Creatives

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