My #WordOfTheYear - can you guess it?

I've seen a few 'grammers, 'tubers, tweeters and bloggers post about their word of the year. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to find my word. 2017 was a roller coaster so I needed a powerful word to help cut a path for 2018. Then, I found it - my word is CURATED.


Lately I have felt like I didnt have a good handle on things - like, all things. So I have been exploring the concept of living more of a minimalist life. This would include donating items that I never use or don't need to people who would truly enjoy them - stuff like clothes I don't wear, extra sets of dishes, tons of bedding and even NEW stuff that has been purchased on a whim yet never even opened!

This lead me to the term curate. If I really stopped and looked around at my life, tasks, work, stuff... could I curate the best life for myself - of course I could. So, my hope is that each month, I pause and look inward, curating an intentional and positive life.

While I don't really have an outline just yet on what I will curate each month (feel free to reply to this email with suggestions!) I know that it will be things that make my life easier, healthier and happier.

CURATED - so far...

So far, I have spent the better part of January finding the perfect word (for me) to live by in 2018. Now that I have it, my plan is to activate it and let the power of this word help guide me to my best self.

For me, the word curate means that I will only allow the things/people/events into my life that feed my soul. That I will not buy things due to boredom and will curate a style that makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. I will curate my time better and give myself the ability to be alone more - to think and relax and to create often.

Do you have a word for 2018? If you do - reply to this email and let me know what it is! I'd love to cheer you on while you make this year the very best one yet. If you don't have a word - what do you think? Are you going to search for one? It's never to late to start.


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I am looking forward to a new approach to my art business and I hope that you enjoy the journey.


On Display: Halo and Ecliptical at 81Bay Brewing

GUYS! I finally have art on display again. It's been almost two years since I have made artwork. Since starting my new job back in June 2017, I have been able to free my mind from the stresses and frustrations of the hardcore hustle and take a few healing breaths. In doing so, I have been inspired and have been able to produce two pieces of art for one of my designer's clients, start a massive 10 piece project for a new restaurant (Yummy House Sarasota), assist in painting an interior mural for Yummy House South Tampa and create two new pieces of art for myself. I am still hustling and always feel crazy busy, but this new way of being busy has me feeling fulfilled, creative and is leaving me constantly covered in paint - which I am totally okay with.

If you are local to the Tampa area, I would love to invite you to one of my newest art shows at 81Bay Brewing in South Tampa. A group of the Fringe Creatives family recently met up and we installed a fun show in the breweries event space. I have two pieces currently on display: Ecliptical and Halo.

Mixed Media, 24x24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas.
$200 + sales tax/shipping

Left to Right: Ecliptical ($200) and Halo ($200).
Currently on display at 81Bay Brewing Co., South Tampa, Florida.

Ecliptical and Halo are both on 24x24 gallery wrapped canvas and feature a color family of Prussian blue, pale rose, iridescent white, a dusty rosy terra cotta shade and metallic bronze. They started out as just playtime in the studio but after a few sweeps of color, turned into something more relaxing and meditative. I could get lost in those shades of pigment and with each swipe of my palette knife, I became more and more inspired. 

 My Fringe family. Left to right: Kara Voorhees Reynolds

It feels really really good to see something on the wall that I made. It's been far too long and now, more than ever I am inspired to create a few spherical friends for Ecliptical and Halo to hang out with. I've started a few to add to the duo and once I have made too many to count, I'll pair them down and hope to eventually show them as a collection.


#ManifestMonday // Own It

It's 2018. I'm thinking hard about the things I want this new year to bring me and how I will achieve my goals. I learned a lot about myself in 2017. I learned a lot about people and now I understand why I prefer the company of animals.

2017 wasnt all bad - it was just a year of lessons learned. Now that I have that out of the way, I am excited to apply this new found knowledge and make 2018 fun, successful, restful and creative. I am curating 2018 to fit my audience... the audience is me.