Decor Adore // Playful Mid Mod Bathroom

Playing with some dream bathroom ideas for the One Day House. I found some fun, black and white tile on pinterest and went from there. Just playing around, but I love the way this one turned out - I'd be okay with brushing my teeth in here.


How I Start a Painting - The First Layers

People often wonder how I learned to paint in such a way that the canvas almost looks like patterned fabrics... well, I learned it all by mistake, practice and victory. I also use a lot, a LOT of water to create very thin layers. Here is a super quick time lapse of me starting a painting. This piece later turned into a mixed media collage featuring our cat Matilda.
Starting a painting - first layers (time lapse) from Teri Navajo on Vimeo.

Once I laid down my wet layers, I finished the piece with lots of heavy globs of paint, paint pens and even stitching and other mixed media embellishments. The end result is a piece of art that proudly hangs in our home. I also use this as an example piece for custom collage works for clients. When I make a pet themed piece such as this ($100 each), I donate $50 from each painting sold to The Humane Society in Tampa, the same shelter where we adopted Matilda.

In Studio: Space Makeover

We recently downsized to save money in hopes of buying a house in 2018. So we packed up and moved out of our adorable Seminole Heights rental to a more affordable location. In moving, I gave up a lush studio space with TONS of sunlight and storage space - but it will all be worth it when I can design the detached studio of my dreams when we buy.
The previous state of my "studio" was laughable. Scattered and disorganized. Feng Shui... nope! When I felt inspired and wanted to create, I would need to gather supplies stored upstairs and cart them downstairs to take over the kitchen since the light was lacking pretty much everywhere else in the house. Today, I decided that it was time to create a space that worked. I ripped the curtains off the windows and surveyed the upstairs guest room. Determining what areas offered the best light, sweet Andrew helped me reconfigure the room so that I could have a functioning space. 
Now all of my supplies, easel and desk are on one side of a spare/guest room (also being the room that offers the most natural sunlight in the house.) The above photo is far from finished but it is a space for me to create without much preparation. I need to be able to just get started when something hits me and the constant set up, tear down, clean up, pack up, haul up the stairs, put it all away routine was creating a funk for me that pushed me into not being creative at all. It's not a big space, I still have very little storage but I finally have a work space that makes sense for my process.

One of the most fun parts of resetting this room was gathering all of the randomly placed pieces of art I had throughout the space. Andrew and I created this gallery collage wall as the focal point of the space. Seeing my own work, mixed with other local artists is inspiring and gives the room something special. 
I am so in love with my new set up, that I was able to get right to work. I am working on 10 pieces of art for a new restaurant, I was able to throw down some texture on the first six of them and while things were drying, I played a little for myself. I just got a few new colors and used a palette knife to smear this trio around on a few pieces of canvas.


Update! Yummy House Artwork

I got to visit Yummy House in South Tampa this morning to hang a piece of artwork for work. While I was there, I could not restrain from snapping a selfie in front of the wall that I got to work on with Charlie Schiller. Some of you may know that I significantly reduced the footprint of Fringe for the opportunity to work for Charlie. It's been awesome and I learn new things daily PLUS I get to assist with fun projects. Behind me is a wall inspired by Porter Telo that Charlie envisioned... I got to be the extra set of hands to bring this babe to life.  This indoor mini-mural is located in the main entry of the new Yummy House in South Tampa. I'm hopeful that they will be open in time for my birthday - if so, who is coming with me to celebrate?

In other Yummy House news, I have finally gotten to a progress stage that I am okay with sharing. I am working on 10, heavily textured pieces of original mixed media artwork for Yummy House Sarasota and I couldn't be more excited. I cannot wait to go visit these guys when YH-Sarasota opens. This is just layer 6-8 of this little guy, there will be many more to come. Also, testing out some gold placement and hand stitching. So far, I am pleased and after meeting with Charlie today, I have some new fun directional cues to incorporate. 
Stay tuned for more updates on these pieces. I'll be cranking away on them most of the weekend and will be sharing updates via my Instagram stories .


Mercantile - Little Clouds

Little Clouds
5x5 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Abstract, acrylic + mixed media.
- original / no prints available -

To purchase: email at TeresaNavajo@gmail.com