Anniversary Celebrating - Our First Official Year

My sweet Andrew and I celebrated our anniversary the other day. Did I mention that we celebrated in style!? Neither of us had been to Bern's Steakhouse... a fancy spot in Tampa that's filled with history, stories and WINE. Lots and lots of wine.
I'm not even joking. This place has the largest wine collection in the world as well as the most expensive bottle of wine currently available in the world (guys, they told us that the bottle would sell for $30,000!). INSANE.
Since this was a special occasion and Andrew had been out of town the weekend before, we decided to go all out. We enjoyed a fancy dinner with all the courses, glasses of wine (not that $30k one though) and even took the tour before having dessert in their private dessert room. Since it was our first time, our waiter gave us a sweet little hook up and we were seated in the portion of the dessert room where the live pianist was playing. Of course we sang along and made quick friends with the musician and the other couple having dessert in a booth close by us.
We had so much fun, just being us. It was pure magic.